Per Diem Services of Dr. Elena Kopko!

Welcome to Per Diem Dental, Inc, the official web site of Dr Elena Kopko, DDS. We are in the business of supporting your dental practice when you need to be away from the office for any reason. If you have ever opted for an extended vacation, taken maternity leave, suffered a temporary disability, or needed to be away from the office due to an illness in the family, you know how your absence affects your employees and your patients. Per Diem dentistry can fill in the gaps, picking up where you left off.

You have worked hard to build your practice, establishing a strong rapport with your patients and a healthy working environment for your employees. But when circumstances require you to be away from the office for several days or weeks at a time, your patients and staff suffer the consequences of your absence. Employees lose income due to interrupted cash flow, and patients are forced to wait for dental care – or otherwise visit a competing provider. Don’t keep your employees and patients waiting

– Hire a per diem dentist to ensure your practice is properly maintained during your leave of abstance.

What can a temporary dentist do for you?

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of your office
  • Facilitate cash flow to cover operating costs
  • Sustain an income for your staff
  • Conduct oral health exams
  • Administer routine dental care
  • Address dental emergencies
  • Make specialist referrals

If you anticipate a prolonged leave from your practice, give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Let Dr. Elena Kopko at Per Diem Dental, Inc help bridge the gap during your absence. Contact us for more information about per diem dentistry, or continue exploring our site to learn more about Dr. Elena Kopko’s temporary dental services.


* Legal dental document review for both plaintiff & defense

* Insurance & medical record review for both patients & providers